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As effective as Diffused Bubble Aeration Technology is for removing Radon Gas from water, the systems require good pretreatment to remove problematic contaminants.  In the Greater Triangle MSA, groundwater issues like sediments, corrosive low pH, and staining minerals like high iron and manganese are very prevalent.  These contaminants must be removed before aggressive aeration technology like Diffused Bubble Aeration is used.  This ensures that the Diffused Bubble Aeration system will safely, effectively, and reliably remove the Radon Gas for a very long time.  Without proper pretreatment, you can quickly ruin an expensive Radon Removal System. 

Calcium and Hard Water Treatment
Iron and Staining Mineral Treatment
Low pH Correction
Sediment Removal
Calcium and Hard Water Treatment

Hard Minerals stick to pipe surfaces and plug flow pathways.  In the Diffused Bubble Aerator, this blocks the air and water flow reducing radon removal efficiency and overall effectiveness.  We use Fine Mesh Ion Exchange Resins to remove the hard minerals from the water, ensuring reliable operation of the Radon Removal System.

Patented WaterMax® Has Unmatched Flexibility & Safety Alarms

Patented WaterMax®

Our patented WaterMax has up to three (3) compartments in a single tank, which allows us to customize the treatment with over 83 different media combinations.   Moreover, it is CRITICAL to monitor your radiological treatment application with flow data and control alarms to ensure that the contamination is not building up in your system.  We also feature a WIFI enabled Smart-Touch Controller that will serve to protect you and your family from operating errors.

SmartTouch Controller

All of our WaterMax systems come with a WIFI enabled Smart Touch Controller.  It is CRITICAL to monitor your radiological treatment application with flow data and AUDIBLE CONTROL ALARMS to ensure that the contamination is not building up in your system.  Our systems provide piece-of-mind, and protection against downtime by ensuring flow and production data are monitored at all times, and control alarms are constantly monitored and reported when there is a problem.  This is a critical benefit that separates us from non-electric and other technology that does not offer any protection or warnings about system failure, which can cause dangerous exposure conditions.   Just set these alerts to come to your email or text, and you are all set!

Iron and Staining Mineral Treatment

Only WaterMax® allows for a customized treatment system to be designed in a single tank.  Depending on the water chemistry, we can add an iron filter to our top chamber, we can correct low pH, or even treat for Nitrate or Uranium.  All of our systems are effective at removing Radium with the integral packed bed water softener.  The all-in-one compact system uses counter current regeneration to increase salt and water efficiency making it the cheapest system to operate and maintain.  Forget 3 and 4 tank "salt free" systems that take up space, waste water and power, or traditional water softeners that use 2-3X more salt and 80% more water and energy to clean.  We can typically treat the worst area groundwater with only 1 or 2 treatment tanks at a fraction of the operating cost of our competition.

Multichambered Tank allows for up to 83 different media combinations in a single tank

Patented Multichambered Tank

Only WaterMax® has a patented multichambered tank.  This allows us to customize the treatment to address other problematic contaminants in a single system.  We can add up to 5-layers of media in a single tank, and our 2ASQ has been a workhorse in Wake County and surrounding Counties for over 15 years.  
Low pH Correction

Corrosive water is prevalent in Wake County and surrounding counties.  Often overlooked, pH correction is not an easy application.  Many times we see undersized systems that provide non-optimal results and are expensive to service.  We strive to properly size for adequate contact time to get the pH above 7.0, and to extend the in-service life of the filter out 12-24 months.

Our UAN systems have a convenient filling port for ease of service.

UAN Neutralizers

Neutralizers contain a sacrificial media that is dissolved by the corrosive low pH water.  As the acidic water dissolves the buffering mineral, your pH is neutralized.  This prevents the aggressive corrosion, metals leaching (like lead and copper), and helps the application chemistry for other removal processes that may be required.  It is important to size these properly and decide if a back washing valve is necessary.  We are experts and can help you get the best results with the lowest overall cost.      
Sediment Removal

When Sediments are present, they must be removed prior to a Diffused Bubble Aeration system.  This can be achieved with a common sediment filter.  Depending on other water issues, like hard minerals, or staining minerals like iron and manganese, sometimes the sediment filters are not necessary because the WaterMax® pretreatment systems are self-cleaning 20 micron filters and do the job of removing sediments.  However, if the water has good chemistry, low hardness, and no staining minerals, then a simple sediment filter can be the perfect solution to protect the Radon system.

We provide all kinds of sediment solutions depending on the specific need.

PLX MegaFilters

Since all of our pretreatment systems are self-cleaning sediment filters, we are very often able to design a radon removal system that does not need much in the way of consumables.  However, when the water chemistry does not contain any hard minerals or staining minerals, but there is some sediment present, then we provide a cartridge style filter solution.  Our MEGA FILTER is the largest cartridge filter available, so it lasts longer and saves change out labor.  We also provide standard 10" and 20" filter solutions, as well as self-cleaning spin down filters.  Our recommended solution depends on your needs and goals and our observations during water testing.    

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